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Tilgang på termisk og IR nattopptik


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Hvordan ligger det an med tilgangen på diverse nattoptikk framover.

Pulsar kommer vel fra Hviterussland og der er det vel snakk om sanksjoner?

Hvordan det er med de andre merkene fra kommer lengre østfra?

Ligger det an til en skikkelig nattoptikk tørke til høsten?



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Spørs om det kan bli tørke på litt av hvert ut over året. Mye slikt produseres i Østen. Pulsar har også produksjon der svjv, så helt håpløst blir det nok ikke.

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Is it true that Yukon is a Belarus based company?

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is a multinational company and has a rich history with a large number of offices and enterprises around the world – from Ukraine to the UK. Founded in 1998 by representatives of the United States and Belarus, since 2005, the head office of the company has been located in Vilnius (Lithuania, European Union), that is from where all the group companies are managed.

Most likely, the device you bought will say that it was made in Lithuania, Latvia, or the UK since almost all thermal imaging devices are made in these countries. This is where the main added value is created. The share of components from Belarus is currently less than 7% of the total cost of production. Therefore, the main taxes are paid here in Europe.



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