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Vedlikehold av diamantbryne


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Diamantbryner blir også slitt, enten ved at diamantene blir revet ut av bindemiddelet (ofte et nikkellag), eller at diamantkorna slites eller skaler av.


Om problemet er metallrester eller sløve diamantkorn, kan dette fjernes ved å gni den mot en porøs, fin bryne.

Dette forutsetter at det er litt tykkelse på diamantlaget på bryna.

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I vedlikeholdsbrosyren til settet mitt står det å lese:

Always dry your diamond stone surface after each use and before storing.

Occassionally clean your stone with soapy water and a mild brush.

Always apply a few drops of Smith's premium Hone Solution to your stone before you start sharpening. The lubricant floats away metal and stone particles that develop during the sharpening process.

If allowed to remain, they will clog the stone pores and reduce the sharpening effectiveness of your stone. To clean a clogged stone, simply wipe with a rag or rinse under warm running water.

Cleaning your stones will keep the pores free of stone and metal particles. After each use, the Arkansas stones should be cleaned by scrubbing vigorously with water, liquid soap, and a stiff nylon brush.

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