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Norma URP Powder Use...?

Tom Obuhanych

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Not with URP genuine - however:

I have used the URP equivalent N19 extensively in 6.5x55, 6.5-284 and to some extent .223Rem, i have also tried it in 8x57. N19 compares very well with Vithavuori N550 both in reality, and in for example QuickLoad - data for URP lands right on top of these.


My assumption would be that these powders (as they are very similar) all are on the fast side for the .308NM, as they are too fast for maximum velocities in both 6.5-284 and 6.5x55. They can give exceptional accuracy in all the cartridges i have mentioned, and N19 is probably Norwegian target shooters top choice for 6.5mm accuracy.


The Norma powder most suited for the .308NM is almost certainly MRP (or N15 branded if not blended to exact batch to batch uniformity), or even MRP2. VV N560 og N570 would also be top choices in this caliber.


These are my initial thoughts on your question.



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I am interested in using it for my .308 Norma magnum caliber rifle.

You dont mention the reason why you want to use it in your .308NM? Do you have a lot of it, or can buy some for a good price i.e? What bullet/weight did you think of etc.?


I would strongly recommend Quickload to compare it to other powders availeble. In the US that means 600%++ more choices than we have here in Norway... :roll:

But as the others already has stated; Its might not be in the comfort zone of 308NM.

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Hello All: Thanks for the feedback on URP. I use it because I have a lot of it, and use it in my .358 Norma Magnum, there

Norma has load data. I also use it for my .35 Newton & 9.3x64 Newton (wildcat).

Norma has sent me this information: "URP is between 204-MRP but has nearly 2.5 times more Nitro, so its more

powerful and has a thicker coating, so its slower in the beginning and gives the energy more down the barrel."

You can call it a modified MRP".

I also think it may be a little fast for the .308 Norma Magnum...but I thought maybe in your area, there may have

been more experimentation with URP. Its almost unknown in the U.S., and most shooters have a wide choice of

U.S. Powders so tend not to pay more money for imported powders like Norma. However, I like Norma MRP and

URP has worked well in some of my cartridges as mentioned above.

I guess the only way to find out is to experiment with it...

Thanks again for the good replies!





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