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Eget løp for skyting med bly?? P30L


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Er det polygonriflet pipe på pistolen din?


I så fall kan det vel være dette man mener:


So comes about the age old question with polygonal barrels. Can you shoot lead bullets through a polygonal barrel. The answer is, you should not. Using lead bullets in a polygonal barrel is not recommended by Glock, a leading pistol manufacturer that utilizes polygonal barrels. So then, why not? The answer is a polygonal barrel produces a much tighter fit to the diameter of the bullet. When a lead round is passed through a polygonal barrel, the tighter fit causes substantial lead buildup to be produced at a fast rate. As more lead builds in the barrel, the diameter of the barrel begins to clog. As volume decreases, pressure increases. In this case, there is a chance that the pressure inside the chamber can increase to a level that can cause damaged to the firearm or injury to the shooter.

http://firearmreviewer.blogspot.no/2013 ... -with.html" target="_blank

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Wikipedia skriver følgende om saken:


Lead bullets and polygonal rifling


This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research may be removed. (September 2009)

The manufacturer Glock advises against using lead bullets (meaning bullets not covered by a copper jacket) in their polygonally rifled barrels, which has led to a widespread belief that polygonal rifling is not compatible with lead bullets. Firearms expert and barrel maker, the late Gale McMillan, has also commented that lead bullets and polygonal rifling are not a good mix. Neither H&K nor Kahr explicitly recommend against lead bullets in their polygonal rifled barrels, suggesting that there might be an additional factor involved in Glock's warning. Kahr's warns that lead bullets can cause additional fouling[7] and recommends special attention to cleaning after their use. While H&K doesn't insist on a copper jacket, at least one well-documented catastrophic incident in an H&K pistol[8] may be related to this issue. Furthermore, Dave Spaulding, well-known gun writer, reported in the February/March 2008 issue of Handguns Magazine that when he queried H&K about their polygonally rifled barrels that they commented: "It has been their experience that polygonal rifling will foul with lead at a greater rate than will conventional rifling."


One suggestion of what the "additional factor involved in Glock's warning" might be is that Glock barrels have a fairly sharp transition between the chamber and the rifling, and this area is prone to lead buildup if lead bullets are used. This buildup may result in failures to fully return to battery, allowing the gun to fire with the case not fully supported by the chamber, leading to a potentially dangerous case failure. However, since this sharp transition is found on most autopistols this speculation is of limited value. The sharp transition or "lip" at the front of the chamber is required to "headspace" the cartridge in most autopistols.


Another possible explanation is that there are different "species" of polygonal rifle and perhaps Glock's peculiar style of polygonal rifling may be more prone to leading than the particular styles employed in the H&K and Kahr barrels.


Leading is the buildup of lead in the bore that happens in nearly all firearms firing high velocity lead bullets. This lead buildup must be cleaned out regularly, or the barrel will gradually become constricted resulting in higher than normal discharge pressures. In the extreme case, increased discharge pressures can result in a catastrophic incident.

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Jeg fikk også beskjed om å holde meg unna blykuler da jeg kjøpte min Tanfoglio hos Intersport Bogstadveien. Men det fikk jeg inntrykk av hadde mer med presisjon å gjøre. Jeg ble fortalt at kulene ikke ville spinne ordentlig fra et polygonalt løp, og dermed bli ustabile.


Flere meninger om dette da tydeligvis. Men det er jo sjeldent at man har kun ett svar på spørsmål her inne. ;)

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