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30-06 AI


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Om kammeret er lagt inn riktig så skal moderpatronen kamre med en viss motstand, dette for sikre mot hylsestrekk ved skyteforming, og sikrer at man kan skyte 30-06 i ett knipetak.


Mener headspace på AI versjonen ligger på "go gauge" for 30-06 -0,004"


Presisjonen kan våre helt grei, hastigheten vil nok synke noe.

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Kom over denne artikkel om AI kammer.

Den ga meg mange svar på det jeg lurte på. Muligens interresant for andre?

Fire Forming Ackley's....

Posted by Murphy on Dec 15 2005


This subject has come up from time to time and I've seen quite a bit of info and mis-info on it.


The Ackley chambers have the exact headspace dimension as the parent caliber. Standard factory ammo can be fired in an Ackley improved chamber. That's why P.O. Ackley did it that way. There is no need to seat with the bullet pushed against the rifling to hold headspace.


So just load standard factory ammo in the Ackley chambered rifle aim carefully and squeeze. If you are loading your own, simply load standard factory ammo in new brass.


If you have a 338-06 Ackley and want to make brass from std 30-06, simply run the 30-06 brass through a neck sizing die (recommended) with a tapered expander and load with standard 338-06 loading data available in many handloading manuals. The neck die is recommended to keep from pushing the shoulder back and changing the headspace dimension, which is not good for even a standard case as it will cause excess case stretching and shorten case life. I use H4350 and fill the unfired case to the base of the neck, seat a bullet on it, and shoot. Data for the Ackley versions is another subject but is basically, add 5% of the same powder.


I presently own and load for several Ackley improved calibers. (Yes, improved is debatable)

The 6.5-06 AI, I neck up 25-06 brass, and it headspaces correctly.

A 30-06 AI. It shoots my standard 30-06 ammo into 1/2" and fireformed ammo into <1/2".

A 338-06 AI, I neck up std 30-06 brass as described and load a caseful of H4350 and seat a 200-225 grain bullet OFF the rifling and fire.


What I'm saying here is no special attention needed for the Ackley improved versions. This of course assumes a well made rifle with correct headspace. Ideally, new unfired brass, and you should be able to feel a tight bolt closure. There is great debate about the Ackleys in regard to "improved" or not but one thing for certain, they are trouble free when loading and brass lasts forever. Remember extra case volume gives us the same velocity with less pressure, or more velocity at the same pressure. Also, it takes more powder to equal velocity or pressure when compared to the standard. Life is a compromise and physics will always prevail. Good shootin'.



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Har skutt noe Norma Jaktmatch (fabrikkammo) i min 30-06AI. Ble veldig positivt overraska over presisjonen. Har ikke skutt noe annet som har samla bedre i dette løpet. Hastigheten synes jeg også var bra - ca. 830 m/s.


Vanlig 30-06-ammunisjon gir en viss motstand når en kamrer den, men funker ellers helt greit, ser det ut til.

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Har testet og ladd i min Custom Mauser M98 (Ola Gujord)

Ny L. Walther pipe, riflestigning 1-10 lengde 65 cm. Fluta 18mm munning.


Norma Fabrikk 30-06 Golden Target 150grain: Oppgitt hastighet 850ms målt hastighet: 850ms

Norma Fabrikk 30-06 180grain: Vulcan Oppgitt hastighet 823ms målt hastighet: 817ms

Federal Fabrikk 30-06 220grain: Sierra soft pointOppgitt hastighet 734ms målt hastighet: 745ms


Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 57 Lapua Scenar 82mm 920ms

155 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 58 Lapua Scenar 82mm 940ms

155 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 57 Norma GT 79mm 895ms

150 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 58 Norma GT 79mm 920ms

150 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 59 Lapua Scenar 82mm 960ms

155 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 60 Lapua Scenar 82mm 975ms

155 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 57 Swift A frame 81mm 886ms

165 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 58 Swift A frame 81mm 903ms

165 grain

Norma CCI 250 Rhino 17 59 Swift A frame 81mm 912ms

165 grain

Alle ladinger er målt i lufttemperatur minus 8 grader, patroner varmet opp til 18 grader pluss.

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