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Sikte til remington 1911 R1


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Fra FAQ på http://www.1911r1.com/" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank

The 1911 R1 utilizes a standard Novak type front and rear sight cut. Other sight options available through outside sources will need to match this dovetail cut in order to be installed with as little potential for damage to the slide as possible


Så alle sikter som har novak cut skal vell passe.

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I have seen it posted and read on the Remington FAQ page that their dovetail dimensions are novak. Well, that certainly works for the front sight but it is a little more complex for the rear. The rear dovetail is actually gi dimensions and novak does make a sight for that. It is novak part number dcr 01 and brownells part number 662017004. The novak seen most frequently on the 1911 is the novak LMC 01. It requires machining. The brownells part number is 662260045. In the photo the lmc 01 is on top. The licensed novak taurus version is in the middle and the dcr 01 is on the bottom. Now, before you go purchase the dcr 01 for your Remington, recognize it is a flat bottom sight going on a round top slide so it will sort of have wings. Not enough to get any lift but wings none the less.
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