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Wolverine ( Jærv)


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I might add that the hunting season is during the winter, and there are no personal license for wolverine.


The authorities set a number of licenses for the area, usually for each Fylke (county) and the hunters register as licensed hunters.

Then they are requiered to check the specific numbers of licenses left in the area each day, and report as soon as they have any luck with their hunt.

It means that there could be 250 licensed hunters competing over 4 licenses, and the first ones to shoot wins the race.


What makes the hunt difficult is that the wolverine can run quite a distance in only one night, and they seldom stay in the same area for long.

The hunters who have sucsess usually have a dead moose or something in a near distance to a cabin up in the mountains, and spend their weekends and other spare time up there waiting for the wolverine to come and eat of the carcass.


Formalities is not problematic, a valid huntinglicens and qualified for big game shoting is actually what it takes.

The practical things are bit more complicated though, and there is no guarantee that you ever get to see the wolverine at all.

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