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  1. Thank you everyone for replies. I am based in Trondheim for couple of more years and then will move to Oslo. I agree with practical training always having upper hand on reading books and that's what i am planning, to go target shooting very often and going to forest and learn some stalking and game calls. As mentioned it can be very difficult to get integrated in a hunting team and i have heard same from many people, so i am hoping to do either solo big game hunting or with another friend. But all in all i am super excited for all time to come.
  2. Hei all, I am 27M, non-Norwegian raised up in a country where hunting is super illegal activity let alone owning a gun. I moved to Norway for my post graduation studies and now doing my PhD, and aiming to stay in Norway in future. I always have been super intrigued by hunting(via TV, Youtube, MEATEATER, etc) and outdoor activities since i was a kid. I just passed jegerprøveeksamen and waiting for my weapons application to be approved. So one could have guessed by now I am totally new to this, just knowing things from youtube but not practically. Unlike Norwegian kids I have not grown up in this culture and don't know shit about practical hunting stuff in woods. Of course with this jegerproven kurs I know about rules/regulations and since I have moved to Norway I have got a bit good in bush-crafting also. With me being non-Norwegian I have some limitations regarding hunting like: 1. No access to hunting dogs, atleast for next few years. 2. Probably very difficult to get into a hunting party/hunting teams so going for big game might take time 3. I live in Hybel, no car. So how to move to and forth to hunting place might be challenge which I would figure out 4. And basically inexperience and no family support. I plan to start with small game this year, have already bought a season pass for an area nearby (which was free for first timers, luck me) and will buy some more for far off lands. I will be doing some recon trips in the nearby land for which I got pass until the season starts, trying to learn to stalk up to animals with full camo gear, decide upon a good camping site and maybe talking to locals there. Being super nerdy, I have also started reading lot of hunting books(Steven Rinella's books). So now my question/or topic of discussion for you guys is, how do I start my life long hunting expedition basically from scratch. Any kind of suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance mvh, Gaurav
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