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QuickLOAD oppdateringer

350 Rem mag

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Hei, kom ny QuickLOAD oppdatering i januar 2021. Denne kan du laste ned fra nettet.

Du kjøper oppdateringen her for 99 DKK: https://genladning.com/shop/980-software/13243-quickload-v-3x-database-update-jan-2021/

Så får du linken til nedlasting ganske kjapt!

Tips, legg inn ditt tlf.nr. med +45 i landskode under kjøp ellers blir det beregnet frakt som bare blir kluss.




added/hinzu gefügt/changed/geändert data/Daten
11-01-2020 Brenneke TAG .338, 190 grs,
11-01-2020 Brenneke TOG .338, 225 grs, 
11-11-2019 all Cutting Edge bullets reworked
6-11-2019 Hornady A-Tip bullets added
18-12-2019 Berger bullets added
26-11-2019 some Lapua bullets added
17.1.2020  some .338 Berger bullets added
22.1.2010  some .284 Nosler Accubond LR added
24.1.2020  some Barnes LRX added
26.1.2020  Hornady .338, .375, .416 A-Tip added
05.2.2020  Hasler .338-226 Ariete bullet added
6.2.20 .22 Creedmoor
6.2.20 .33 XC
13.2.2018 added Vihtavuori N565
19.3.2019 added Reload Swiss RS76
14.2.2020 changed RS70 slightly faster burning
16.2.2020 changed Accurate A2200 slightly faster burning
16.2.2020 changed Accurate A07 slightly faster burning
16.2.2020 changed Lovex D037.1 slightly faster burning
16.2.2020 changed Alliant RL23 now faster burning
16.2.2020 added Bofors RP36 TZ
16.2.2020 added Bofors RL16 TZ
21.2.2020 added Hodgdon LVR
21.2.2020 added Winchester 6.5 StaBall
22.2.2020 added Hodgdon CFE BLK
24.2.2020 added Accurate 11FS
24.2.2020 added Accurate TCM
24.2.2020 added Accurate LRT
25.2.2020 added IMR 8133 Enduron
28.2.2020 added most Shooters World propellants
25.2.2020 RWS-GECO actualized
25.2.2020 Swift bullets actualized
27.3.2020 Barnes LRX 270 grs actualized
28.3.2020 Berger #28408 actualized
28.3.2020 Brenneke TOG 590336 added
28.3.2020 added Vihtavuori N555, use older 
Vihtavuori Rifle Powders with care
17.04.2020 Shooters World Ultimate Pistol adjusted
27.3.2020 imperialcalibers.vol actualized
27.3.2020 metriccalibers.vol actualized
22.4.20   testbarrels actualized
23.6.20 RWS bullets update
11.07.20 most Lehigh bullets update
10.3 x 68 Mag
10.3 Capra
6mm ARC
27.8.20 more lehigh bullets completed 
6.5 Creedmore case capacity adjusted
Hornady all ETX bullets added
Hornady .308 195 grs ELD-M added
VV140 slightly faster
Alliant RL TS 15.5 added



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