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Parson Russell Terrier looking for work


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Hei alle sammen,


First, sorry for the English text. I’m learning Norwegian but it’s not very good yet.


My name is Daniel and I’m a very passionate hunter from Germany who moved to Oslo in May (not before getting some bucks in Germany, hehehe).


My biggest joy in hunting is to work with dogs and so it’s very sad for me to see a season coming with no work for my PRT girl. 😔


She’s great at finding all kinds of big game (mostly roe deer and boar) and making them move without following more than a few hundred meters. Myself, I’m happy as a beater and just want to be outside and contribute to a group’s success. We’re experienced on hundreds of driven hunts and battle proven with some big wounded boar and no jungle is too thick. 😀

(She also has a certificate for simple blood tracking but we would need more practice here.)


Do you know someone who might have work for us two in the wider area of Oslo?

I hope it’s okay to post this here, please move or delete if not.


Skitt jakt and Waidmannsheil!




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I think you're best bet will be to go to the shooting range to meet with other people who are looking for hunting to and see if you can join these and find something as a team. You can also check out  https://www.njff.no/jakt/Sider/Bli-med-NJFF-pa-jakttur.aspx and see if you can get a spot on one of these hunts. A great way to meet other hunters in your area 

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We love snow!! But only in amounts where a Terrier can still hunt.


I made some progress in the meantime: Not only that I finished my first Norwegian course and start the next one next week but also I will have one rifle and one shotgun in the country from October 😍


This does not change the fact that I’d love to join any hunt even without a gun, just with my dog!


Have a great season!



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