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convert semi automatic rifle to manual?


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i read that most semi automatic (military) rifles are not legal anymore for sportshooting and hunting in norway.


but is it legally possible to have a norway gunsmith buy and convert a semi automatic military rifle (like AR-15, garand, svt-40) to manual straight pull action?

(conversion by removing all gas operating parts, and using a barrel without a gas port, like they do in england?)


I have seen the Troy P.A.R rifle for sale in norway but i dont like pump action so that is no option for me.








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It's possible but with increasingly tight laws on certain "features" I would not build at least an AR or AK type today, given that they might be too spooky next time laws are changed..


For what it is worth: in my personal experience, building a straight pull based on an action with little or no primary extraction is 100% dumb. This means ARs, FN FALs/SLRs, and certain other types that unlock directly, not after some leeway for the bolt (as on an AK where the bolt carrier travels freely a small distance before the bolt unlocking lug engages the camming surface). In any manual action you need extraction power through mechanical advantage and seeing as the only "smart" rifles worth having do not have these features my honest view is that it's not worth the time applying and arguing for the license, or the time and money spent for a gunsmith to convert/build the rifle and documenting the process. E.g. if you want an actually accurate straight pull you would want an AR, but since these either have the T-type charging handle which is very unpractical, or a side charging handle, these give absolutely no mechanical advantage and case extraction/action cycling is stiff and at times very awkward. 


Converting something like an SVT-40 is to me stupid and should not be done as it is ruining historical guns. Converting an AR is a different deal but still.


For any Norwegian purpose of shooting I would say that either a good, slick bolt action (hunting, long range, PRS-style shooting, DSSN Manual, etc) or pump/lever action (DSSN Manual, CAS, running moose, etc) are going to be;

1. cheaper to build/buy,

2. much less troublesome to get a permit for (applying to build a straight pull AR is a major pain in the ass),

3. much less to worry about with new laws,

4. technically easier and smoother to operate, and last but not least,

5. better suited...



Also - the way you have been interpreting the "ban" is wrong. There is no real new ban on anything but a select few hunting rifles. For competition and reserve officer/police training use, you can still own the firearms on the list. 

It is worth mentioning that ALL SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLES ARE PER DEFINITION BANNED - but there are EXCEPTIONS. For example it is "forbidden" to buy and own an AR-15, unless you have a good reason for it (DSSN competition use, NROF training/match use, or police training use).


To me it seems this "ban" is presented only this way on paper to make media relieved and the mass population to think there will be some grand change, but in the real world, very little changes (except for some semi automatic hunting rifles like the Mini-14/-30, Veprs, Valmets, etc).



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Hi Ole, thank you for your reply.

i didnt think about the lack of primary extraction but now you mention it that does seem like a real problem that would cancel the whole idea. also what you say about the "spooky" part with future law changes.

i guess i just have to look into the regular bolt actions more to find something that is both exclusive and functional.

(i have so many difficult ideas, like for example a revolver or gsp with a Rink formgriff stock and 16 inch barrel to qualify as a rifle but it's always to complicated ;-) . i'll learn at some point i guess.


thanks :-)


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15 timer siden, Ei tohi varjata skrev:


Technically, this applies to all guns in Norway doesn't it?


As far as your question OP, I have seen companies that build ARs for the purpose of straight pull, from the ground up. My guess is that this is something that will be better suited to what you want.


LanTac for example https://www.lannertactical.com/straight-pull-raven-ar15-rifle

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On 8/10/2020 at 7:34 PM, Ei tohi varjata said:

If you write a little bit about your prior guns owned back home, what you'll be using the guns for, and budget, we could chime in with some suggestions for what to look at.



about the svt-40, im not sure about that...i have personally seen hundreds of them in german and austrian gun dealer warehouses a few years ago, they aren't as rare as one might think. many of the ones from the batch i saw in germany have been deactivated later because there where no buyers for them and sold for less than 600 euro's including the 200 euro deactivation fee and i know there are still many in stock at the main arms dealers in eastern europe. so customizing or altering one svt-40 wont be that bad. svt-38 is more rare and the avt-38 is a whole different story as they are the really rare ones since they are full auto and only made a few years.


rifles/long guns i had or used from others in the past, recreational shooting and military, most were on loan from a friend who was arms dealer in germany:


oberland arms AO-15

diemaco c7 and c8

mosin nagant m38


steyr mannlicher m1895

la coruna FR8

remington 742 woodmaster

cz zkk600

lee enfield no4 mk1

sako finfire

schmidt rubin k31

fortmeier fortek 2001

mauser 71, 88, G98


M1 carbine

erma sr-100

ruger mini 14

barrett fieldcraft and 98b

remington 700

tikka t3

winchester 1893

pgm ludis

marlin& winchester lever action (not sure which models they were)


and some blackpowder rifles like rolling block and flint/percussion muskets


the main use would be recreational target shooting 100-300m, and some hunting on small game at some point.

budget would be around 80.000NOK maximum but i'd rather use that for several rifles instead of one.




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