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Dillon XL750

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Etter det jeg har funnet er den en oppgradert 650 med et nytt system for tennhetter. Mer lignende det på 550 sier de. Det er også en del forbedringer i indeksering.


Edit: Fant manualen: https://dilloncdn.com/manuals/dillon-xl750-manual-english.pdf


Har tidligere funnet dette her: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=105556.0
The New Dillon XL-750 Press
Features and Comparison to XL-650

As of about August 5th, the XL-650 press no longer appears on the Dillon Precision web site and the XL-750 has taken its place. But what is the difference and how will this affect your reloading bench?

The new Dillon XL-750 press does have several significant changes compared to the XL-650 press, but its basic operation hasn't really changed. It still has five Stations and each station still performs the same function. Here is a short list of the changes.

1) Primer System:  The most obvious change is the primer system, which is based on, but not identical to, that of the RL?550 press. Indeed the primer bar is longer (4.75" versus 4.5" for the 550) and most parts cannot be interchanged between the two systems. One handy feature is that the Primer System is attached to the press via two studs and thumb nuts … so you don't need a hex wrench to remove it.

2) New Platform:  Modifying the Platform Assembly was necessary due to the change of Primer System. But it looks like Dillon took advantage of the opportunity to make a few additional changes. The Index Pawl has been moved from Station 3 to Station 5 … requiring that the Index Ball be moved from between Stations 4&5 to between Stations 3&4. This design change places the Index Pawl ahead of the cam of the new Index Ring, so the plastic between is under compression instead of under tension during indexing … which should yield less breakage. The Indexer Ring is not interchangeable with the XL-650 Indexer Ring.

3) Rolling Wheel Index Block Assembly:  The Index Block now features a Rolling Wheel that smooths shell plate indexing. Although it is a simple solid wheel and not an actual ball bearing, it should significantly smooth indexing. The new assembly also incorporates a spring loaded Platform Support Post. It appears that this Post has two functions; 1) It supports the platform from tilting due to the upward force of the primer punch, and 2) It helps return the platform to the neutral position after primer seating. The XL-750 Index Block assembly cannot be retrofitted to an XL-650, but a version that is XL-650 compatible is in the works.

4) Zerk Fittings on Linkage:  The upper and lower Link Arm Shoulder Pins have Zerk fittings to make proper lubrication easy. Technically speaking, this isn't new as it was incorporated into the XL-650 a couple of years ago. But there are many of us with older XL-650 presses that may not have heard about it and aren't aware that, YES, it can be retrofitted onto older XL-650 presses. In fact, Dillon has it in kit form that includes everything you need for $51.95.

What hasn't changed? Well, a LOT! The XL-750 uses many of the same parts and accessories as the XL-650, including...
• Dies   
• Toolheads
• Caliber Conversion Kits   
• Quick Change Kits
• Powder Measure   
• Powder Check
• Strong Mount   
• Bullet Tray
• Bullet Feeders   
• Electric Case Feeder
• Low Powder Sensor   
• Roller Handle

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Kjøpte og den funker glimrende til mitt bruk.

Lader rifle dfs med Lee collet die til junior.

Skifter fort og lett til små hetter for pistol dssn.

Fin indeksering.

Minimalt kruttsøl.

Det går bra unna selv uten kulemater.


1 stopp.

Glemte å tømme brukte hetter.

Fylte seg opp og køddet til hylsemating og indeksering.

Ellers bare glede og mer tid til andre gjøremål og skyting.


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