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Lyddemper i Latvia?


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Prøv en E-mail til State forest service. Trenger godkjenning derfra for å ta med våpen inn til Latvia uansett, så de burte jo vite.


Rīga, 13 janvāra iela - 15, LV-1932;

phone: +371 67226600

fax: +371 67820377




In Latvia, the SFS is the authority controlling the hunting and game management and supervising the observance of the related laws and regulations.


The SFS makes an annual census of game animal populations after the method approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, involving in it also the hunters’community.


Taking the census refers to all mammal species used for game and also some currently protected, but traditionally game species, totally 22, like the otter and the brown bear; as to fowls, it refers to the capercailzie the black grouse and the hazle grouse. The forest ranger’s district is taken as the basis for assessing the population size The SFS Hunting Department summarizes the data and does the analysis on the national level.


Before the hunting season starts SFS issues to the users of hunting rights the hunting permits (registered forms) for the limited game. For a hunting season the SFS Hunting Department and forest district offices issue about 25,000 hunters’ seasonal cards.


To follow up compliance with the hunting quotas and control the observance of law, the SFS co-ordinates the activities of the advisory bodies on game management, approves the maximum cull limits, issues hunting licences, sums up the cull data and the death toll of the game and protected wildlife species, including the wildlife damage to the forest and farm crops.


Control over the observance of hunting quotas is the major task to ensure sustainable utilisation of game resources and, considering the damage inflicted by the wildlife/hunting, mitigate the contradictions between the game management and other interests.


To enjoy the right to hunt, the person must become a hunter. As provided by the Hunting Law, the Hunter’s certificate is issued by the respective Regional Forest District Office after the applicant has passed an exam before a special examination commission (the examination commissions are approved by the SFS). The applicant pays a fee for the exam and the Hunter’s certificate. A successful passing of the exam is the only proficency test of a hunter and a legal requirement for the acquisition of hunting weapon


The aliens have the right to hunt in Latvia after receiving the hunter’s documents as provided by the law of the Republic of Latvia. The respective cerificates are issued by the SFS Central Office and the regional forest district offices. In recent times, more than 350 certificates per year are issued to non-nationals. A foreigner can take a hunting weapon into Latvia against a letter of support of the SFS to the Police of the Republic of Latvia.



Proficiency test is intended to ensure that the person holding the hunter’s certificate knows the basics of game management and hunting. The hunter’s certificate is a document verifying the person’s proficiency in the given field and serves as the basis for acquiring and registering the hunting weapon.


The database “Mednieki” (Hunters) accessible to both the public and the authorities comprises information on the hunter’s certificates issued, annulled or suspended, including the data on what basis the certificate is issued/cancelled.


As provided by the Law on Hunting, the SFS Regional Forest District Office issues the hunter’s certificate after the applicant has passed the test. The respective examination commission is established and approved by the SFS recommendation. Its activities are financed by the SFS, which fixes also a fee the person must pay for taking the test and for hunter’s certificate. The hunter’s test in the only way of proving the person’s proficiency and is a legal requirement for the acquisition of hunting weapon.


Foreign visitors can hunt in Latvia after they have drawn the hunter’s documents from the SFS of Latvia following an order as provided by the hunting regulations. The SFS Central Office and the regional forest district offices issue the hunter’s certificates for foreign visitors – their number is over 350 per year. A foreign visitor can take a hunting weapon into Latvia against a letter of support of the SFS to the Police of the Republic of Latvia.





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