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Elgbanecup 6/6-09 vestfold

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Elgbanecup 6/6-09 i Lardal, Herdum og Andebu.


20 skudd på vært sted.


6. jun. Lardal JFL Bjørn Scherven 99559582


Gyldenspissen 09.00-13.00 150,-/80,- 09LE0608


6. jun. Hedrum Kai Hagen 33114737/93434766


Allumbanen 10.00-13.00 150,-/80,- 09LE0609


6. jun. Andebu JFF Vidar Hotvedt 33440215/33443980


Håsken 13.00-16.00 150,-/80,- 09LE0610

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